AKC AVIATION is Proud to Present this 1956 MH 1521 Broussard French Warbird N811MH to Market. The MH 1521 Broussard was designed to meet a requirement for the French Army for a lightweight liaison and observation aircraft. Buy and fly this Broussard for a fraction of the cost of the Dehavilland Beaver! Call Kent for more Information, (815)-479-0402



4651 Total Flight hours since new 5952 pounds Max Takeoff Weight 1788 Pounds Useful Load

Cargo Door 114 gals fuel

Condition Inspection completed May 2019

Engine Specs:

1339 SMOH by Covington 6464 TTE

Pratt & Whitney R985-AN4 450 HP Serial # 404031

Has oil shut off


290 SPOH

Hamilton Standard 2D30 2 blade Propeller


Apollo 704 Com Radio Terra TRT 250 Transponder Radio Master Switch

Radio Compass (INOP)

Additional Features:

Grenade dropping launcher position Stretcher

Camera Hole

Logbooks (French until 1985 when this Broussard came to the United States) New left windscreen

Spare Parts:

New Right-Side Exhaust Fueling Ladder

Fuel tank hardware, floats, gauges 1 set engine hoses

New Carburetor Field Tool Kit

Brake assembly for right main Complete spare engine cowling New Oil Cooler

Has new spare right windscreen


Painted in French colors


6 seats

Stretcher Included

Price Is Subject To Change. All A/C Subject to Prior Sale or Removal from Market. All Specifications and Claims Subject To Buyers Verification.

History: The Max Holste 1521 was developed from the earlier M.H.152, a 1949 design that the French Army asked for but later abandoned. The M.H. 1521 Broussard was a larger version of the M.H.152, carrying five passengers instead of four. It also had a larger Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine, with double the power of the original. The Max Holste company had hoped to market this aircraft for ambulance service and photographic work, but eight days after the initial civilian order the French Army was asking for its own planes. In military service it was designated the M.H.1521M.

Used as a light utility and aerial artillery observation post, the Max Holste company continued to produce the Broussard until 1959. The Broussard, meaning "Bushman," was a strong aircraft with excellent Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) characteristics. It was supplied to many former French colonies in Africa, and was not retired from French service until the early 1980s.

A total of 363 Broussards were completed by Max Holste between 1954 and 1959. Some M.H.1521Ms still fly in European aero clubs in France, and there are a few in the United States and Great Britain.


Engine: One 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 Wasp radial piston engine Weight: Empty 3,373 lbs., Max Takeoff 5,953 lbs.

Wing Span: 45ft. 1.25in.

Length: 28ft. 4.5in. Height: 9ft. 2in.


Cruise Speed: 120 mph Maximum Speed: 168 mph Ceiling: 14,500 ft.

Range: 745 miles

Armament: One light machine gun; one grenade-dropping launcher; two underwing stores positions.

Number Built: 363

Number Still Airworthy: Approximately 25

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